Cuts for Men Women and Children

  • Men

    Historically, the barber shop has been known to cut, dress, groom, style, and shave men hair. In Classic Styles we offer all of the above with an additional enhanced modern flare while paying attention to all of the latest styles and trends. The time is here for men to receive more than just a quick trim. We specialize in systematic treatments of hair, skin, and scalp.

  • Woman

    Traditionally, barber shops were associated with only men, but here at Classic Styles we are proud to say we have broken that mold. There is a special technique in shaping and designing women hair cuts. We apply our years of experience to work closely with each individual to make sure home hair care is easy and convenient.

  • Children

    Here at Classic Styles we urge you to reconsider those dreaded haircuts. We specialize in children with our end-less patience and ability to comfort those who are scared or just not in the mood for a trim that day. We offer a family friendly atmosphere that will help any fearful youth overcome their anxiety. Usually, first haircuts are given around 10-16 months old.

Our experience and ability to stay up to date sets us apart.

Our highly professional staff of barbers has over 60 years of combined experience and has been servicing the North-West Broward County area for over 10 years. Classic Styles Barber Shop has been a member of The Tamarac Chamber of Commerce since September 2014. This reliable, passionate team of technicians is trained for extreme care and much attention to detail. Your barber should be a comforting influence in helping you with all styles and hair care needs.

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KentonBarber Stylist

He is appropriately entitled, “The Professor” of the shop. Originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and has over 25 years of experience in the trade. As a true historian, he loves to travel the globe through literature and share his knowledge and opinions with any open ears. You’ve officially been warned!


AudreyHead Stylist

She was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica and has been in the industry for over 35 years. Through many years, her clients have become genuine life long friends. Having owned shops in the past, she now likes to take it easy with a moderate schedule and loves to travel when she can with her beautiful family.


Jay Barber Stylist

He hails from Queens, New York with over 10 years of experience in barbering. Being from the big apple, he is a die-hard Giants fan! Jay is also a licensed Real Estate agent right here in the South Florida area. Nicknamed “snack-in”, because at any given time you can find treats at his station.


HernandoBarber Stylist

Being the youngest of the bunch, he continuously brings great playful energy to the shop. Because of his up bringing in Latin enriched Cumaral, Colombia, he is bilingual and rightfully dubbed the “Salsa King”. If you are lucky, you can catch him doing a two-step, but only if he thinks no one is watching


ErenBarber Stylist

Being in the business for over 10 years, she has changed the time-honored idea of barbering being a man’s world. Her ears are always open and eager to listen to the client’s obstacles and dilemmas they face in their lives. Giving advice is her forte and it just might be her favorite part of the job!


TitoBarber Stylist

His passion is barbering. His first love is technology. Coming from Cuba, he has a natural ability of resourcefulness and enjoys researching, problem solving, and engineering any and everything. He is a true techie and with spirit he embraces the title “nerd”.

Kids Hair

$5.00/ and up

  • Caesar...........$10
  • Scissor Cuts.....$12
  • Fades............$12
  • Comb Overs.......$12
  • Blow-Outs........$12
  • Mo-hawks/Afros/Burst Fades $12
  • Designs...........$5
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Hair Care

$5.00/ and up

  • Outline/Tape......$5
  • Caesars..........$12
  • Fades/Blowouts...$15
  • Women’s Cuts.....$17
  • Gentlemen’s Style (all scissor) $17
  • Mo-hawks/Afros/Burst Fades $17
  • Full Head Shave .$15
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Face Care

$5.00/ and up

  • Eyebrows .........$7
  • Clipper Shave.....$5
  • Electric Shave....$8
  • Clean Razor shave $10
  • Line Shave.......$12
  • Hot towel Shaves.$20
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Color Services

$20.00/ and up

  • Grey coverage
  • Beijing Beard & Hairline Enhancement
  • Mens Highlights
  • Kids highlights
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